Expandable polystyrene Sheets(EPS) / Blocks

Expandable Polystyrene i.e. EPS is a lightweight and rigid plastic foam insulation material produced from solid beads of polystyrene. Typical applications are:

  • Cold rooms / mobile refrigerated containers
  • Cold store Warehouse
  • Portable Accommodation
  • Factory buildings and Mobile homes
  • Hospital and Clinical Units
  • Cleaning rooms and Processes area
  • Agriculture buildings
  • High rise buildings

EPS has a user benefit of easy installation, excellent thermal insulation, moisture resistance, flexible mechanical properties, versatility, life time durability, cost-effectiveness and ease of transport

Insulated Panels
The standard panels consist of a 16kg/m3 fire retardant grade of expanded polystyrene core sandwiched between prelaminated Zinc coated steel.The panels are used for Cold Rooms / Mobile Refrigerated Containers, Warehousing, Portable Accommodation  Factory Buildings, Mobile Homes, Clean Rooms, Hospital Units, Clinical Units, Office and School, Partition Walls, Process Area, Agriculture Building and High Rise Building

Roofing Sheet
Insulated Roof Sheet
Isopanel roofing sheets are produced with the unique demand of our environment. They have a wider corrugation which makes them easier and faster to work with as they come in various colours to suit customer preference

Vegetable and Fresh Fruit Boxes

DSC00283 Image0048 Image0049
EPS boxes are used for preservation of vegetables, fruits and fresh fish meant for export. EPS boxes preserve and optimise the shelf life of their content.

Fish Floats
These are produced to industry approved sizes and weight. they are used by the fishing community to improve daily fish catch.